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Helix International Migration Options

Helix International has various options that are available for migrations to modern data management solutions:

  • Full Migration – all data is migrated from the source system to the target system.
  • Ad Hoc migration – migration is done for specific data in a specific order.
  • Partial Migration – archive the data and use Helix Real Time Viewer (RTV) to access the data.
  • Assisted Migration – Helix International runs the pilot or Proof of Concept and trains the client team to complete the migration.

All of the above is completed utilizing Helix International's on- and off-shore data engineers.

All of the above can be mixed and matched together. You could fully migrate some data, move in a specific order other data, leave some in an archive and access using RTV, or migrate the remaining data yourself – or any other combination you require.

Full Migration

All selected data is migrated from the source repository to the target repository. Massive heterogenous data is extracted from various different devices and/or platforms and consolidated into one easy-to-use system. No need to manually perform sorting, as the MARS platform automates this process.

Ad Hoc Migration

Helix international will cooperates in setting technical and business rules for re-prioritizing your data organization. Data is migrated in move groups to allow for required data to be made available to the users from the source repository to the target repository as soon as possible. This might be for a specific group of customers or documents in a designated date range.

Federation with RealTime Viewer (RTV)

Data is not migrated but is stored in an archive, the source system software is turned off saving the licensing fee and the data is available to the user using Helix International RealTime Viewer. Data repositories have got larger over the years and when we first started with Migrations 15 years ago we used to migrate all of the data. Now we can archive the data and make it available without having to migrate the data over a period of many years. An example of a real client situation is that the data would have taken us over 3 years to migrate to the new repository but Helix International made the data available from the archive in a little over 4 months! You can see that the savings here can be enormous not only do you save the license fee but very little time needs to be spent to make the data available to the end user as only the Meta data is migrated to the target system. Real Time Viewer (RTV) is a migration component form the Helix International software portfolio that utilizes a compact filter that helps end users find their needed files faster. Simply enter the right values on search fields to prompt accurate data search.

Assisted Migration

Helix International will run the pilot / proof of concept and train the client staff to use Helix International migration tools. This is an excellent option for clients that have technical staff that have extensive experience of migrating data repositories. However it must be noted that for clients that do not have the experience of migrating that the time to migrate can be extended due to the inexperience. It is always the exceptions in the data, annotations and transforms that cause the issue and Helix International staff have the expertise, knowledge and experience to resolve the exceptions in a timely manner.

On Shore & Off Shore Team Enables 24x7x365 Migrations

Businesses in the global marketplace cross not only borders but also time zones. To facilitate more flexible transactions, on-shore/off-shore data migration is the solution.

Lab Equipment Available for Offloading MIPS and Fast Performing Migrations

We offer on-site essential hardware for system migrations which are widely supported by all processor architectures.

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Managing both your archive and active content in one ECM efficiently

Massive savings in storage and compute costs. Our 500+ enterprise customers often cut their cloud bill in half or shut down entire data centers after implementing our solutions