MARS Platform


Helix MARS Platform

Real Time Viewer

It is a component of the MARS platform which is also an add-on to the Data Migration services offered by Helix International. RTV is the “flashlight” that allows federated retrieval and display of files across multiple repositories using Helix International extractors, which are responsible for direct access to data and content without the need for licensing of the original application saving time and money.

RTV allows an end user to view an archive version of a report without it having been migrated. It allows native access to an archive system and handing off to another application such as IBM Content Navigator ICN, a REST based API or a native application for viewing reports. It also allows for security based upon the requirements of the client to only provide reports that an end user is entitled to.

MARS Conversion Platform

Using our experience-based conversion methodology and powerful MARS Conversion Platform technology, we enable content migration from legacy systems into current ECM systems, or from one heterogeneous system of record into another. Our ECM solutions help clients improve information access while minimizing support needs, reducing licensing costs and eliminating redundant or obsolete technology.

Mars Conversion Platform is meant to manage the audits track all migrations and prioritize and provide reporting on end times, reconciliation, and scheduling tasks with priority and number of threads to handle bottlenecks and be agile in a production environment.

MARS Watcher

  • The first step taken by the Helix International MARS Watcher utility program is to watch all output data that it is set to receive.
  • The second step is the TEXT to XML process.
  • The third and last step of the Watcher utility is to present the converted data.

The data is presented based on your specifications during setup. Customize your output templates with your logos, fonts, page formats, calculations and more. There is no need to hire a specialist to make future updates. Our intuitive Graphical User Interface allows your system administrators to make stress-free changes.

To summarise Helix MARS Watcher allows for the processing of day forward reports and creating the data model to gather data from within the report and or attributes without having to recode. (it takes this from the legacy repository creating new rules) It has many out of the box processors for handling custom preprocessing from legacy systems minimizing the amount of coding to be done. (examples are preprocessing for international character sets, Extracting data from reports, receiving files from disparate systems).

Bill Presentment

Optimize your business efficiency by having MARS Bill Presentment. Your ERM systems are guaranteed to be equipped with an electronic bill presentment solution that retrieves, displays, emails and reprints invoices, credit memos, bills and statements, in addition to providing Internet self-services.


Receive and process reports, documents and scanned images.

Documents are typically received by companies in one of the following ways — via mail, in person delivery, electronically (i.e., fax, e-mail), and in court. Scan Operators are then made responsible for preparing a batch that is then scanned and, if necessary, reviewed, validated and updated.

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