Hosting Options

Bare metal servers

These are known as single-tenant physical servers or managed dedicated servers. A business can run dedicated servers in its own data center or a Helix International colocation center, or rent them on an hourly or monthly subscription basis.

Cloud hosting

  • Reliable, scalable, and inexpensive.
  • Wide selection of cloud computing service providers.
  • Free to join, pay only for what you use.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are scalable and come with dedicated core and memory allocations. They are a great option if you are looking for compute resources, that can be added in minutes, with access to features like image templates. The hypervisor is fully managed by the Cloud, and you can perform configuration and management tasks by using both the IBM Cloud infrastructure customer portal and the API. Virtual servers are deployed to the same VLANs as physical servers, allowing you to spread workloads across virtual servers and bare metal servers, while maintaining interoperability. Virtual servers are fully customizable when you order them, with options to scale up as your compute needs grow.

Public virtual servers: multi-tenant virtual server deployments give you rapid scalability and higher cost effectiveness with pre-defined sizes.

Transient virtual servers: you call it “spot” pricing. We call it transient. This multitenant environment offers unused capacity at lower prices. When resources are needed, the workloads are deprovisioned.

Reserved virtual servers: reserve up to 20 specific virtual server instances for guaranteed capacity.

Dedicated virtual servers: single-tenant with rapid provisioning and flexibility, enabling virtual server placement control for workloads requiring physical isolation.

Why Helix?

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Massive savings in storage and compute costs. Our 500+ enterprise customers often cut their cloud bill in half or shut down entire data centers after implementing our solutions