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With the proper understanding of your business needs, we will provide an efficient cost effective solution to correct and enhance your business. The Helix International team has an extensive experience integrating with new and old pre-existing systems.

Helix uses a flexible, proven process to reach our clients desired IT goals. We pride ourselves in working with and managing both local and remote resources. On most of our projects we have a Helix representative onsite.

Our conversion and data migration software and services are widely used in industries utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Our software can capture data and re-purpose it for many uses such as statement presenting and reports.

At Helix we have many tools that can speed up development and remove the need to re-write end user applications just because the repository has changed. we are able to utilize the power of Helix International Real Time Viewer (RTV) and IBM RESTify to redirect the end user application to utilize the new data repository or repositories.


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer) are both web service communication protocols. REST is preferred over SOAP as it is faster, lighter, cleaner and easier to learn and implement. In addition to using HTTP for simplicity, REST offers a number of other benefits over SOAP:

  • REST allows a greater variety of data formats, whereas SOAP only allows XML
  • Coupled with JSON (which typically works better with data and offers faster parsing), REST is generally considered easier to work with
  • Thanks to JSON, REST offers better support for browser clients
  • REST provides superior performance, particularly through caching for information that’s not altered and not dynamic
  • It is the protocol used most often for major services such as Yahoo, Ebay, Amazon, and even Google
  • REST is generally faster and uses less bandwidth. It’s also easier to integrate with existing websites with no need to refactor site infrastructure. This enables developers to work faster rather than spend time rewriting a site from scratch. Instead, they can simply add additional functionality.


  • IBM RESTify is a turn-key solution offering a single and universal REST-Web Service interface to integrate to CMOD and other repositories
  • RESTify exposes the entire RTV accessible repositories with a simple http call
  • All technologies can talk to RESTify easily using simple http calls that drive logon, open folder, search and retrieve creating a method for simple access (federated search)
  • RESTify uses signed requests for authentication. Every application must have an access+secret key pair
  • Services can be added, deleted and updated without downtime
  • Can be configured to work with multiple repositories
  • RESTify uses many optimization mechanisms such as caching and connection pooling when communicating with repositories

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