MARS + Doxis.

Turn off your enterprise license today, keep access to your data, and complete your migration in the background. Your upfront savings offset the cost of migrating, and your end users don't even notice the ongoing migration.
MARS Platform

The Value Proposition.

You're overdue for a content stack upgrade--your current vendor has disappeared on you, your current system can't accommodate sorely needed features, support has gone out the window, and/or costs are going through the roof. Whatever it be, Helix International and SER Group have teamed up to offer a solution to get you off your enterprise stack and onto a modern content management solution in a way that is fast, audit-proof, tried and tested, and creates zero interruptions to business as usual.


1) We use a Helix-proprietary native source extractor to pull the data in its native format directly from your source repository. This completely bypasses licensing and APIs, so we can do it even after your source repository licenses have been turned off. Have a looming licensing renewal? Now you don't need to pay it, and you won't interrupt access to your data by doing so.

2) We give you the option to migrate as much data as you like. Most clients needs to frequently edit around 10% of their data, and the other 90% is archived reports, invoices, etc. which must be kept accessible for regulatory reasons, but is not intended to be edited. We compress this archive storage, migrate the live files, and federate access to both in the interface of your Doxis content solution. Your end users start using your new content stack today, and can't tell the difference between whether they're access migrated or non-migrated files. This also allows us to conduct the migration in the background while you access everything in your new system, even though your old system has already been retired.

3) We wrap our APIs around your existing business applications so that you don't need to rewrite them for the new system.

The Migration Process.

Our migration server allows you to collate, combine, convert, and compress data. Any format to any format, including line and print stream data. Eliminate data silos by combining documents, data, and reports into new documents and reports by metadata. Before you had 12 reports in 12 locations, now you have one report that is updated automatically and delivered every morning.

All of this is done with end-to-end encryption for data both in motion and at rest, fully audited with complete chain of custody, ensuring that you are both audit-proof and future-proof.

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Why Helix + SER.

Managing both your archive and active content in one ECM efficiently

Massive savings in storage and compute costs. Our 500+ enterprise customers often cut their cloud bill in half or shut down entire data centers after implementing our solutions