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August 15, 2022

Helix International continues to provide cutting-edge solutions post-COVID for the global economy. The IBM firm of choice prides itself on decades of exclusive software and consulting business which provides keys to unlock data and content with an impressive track record.

We provide technology-driven solutions for modern companies and their challenges. This is why Helix International has a distinction in utilizing the most up-to-date tools for the industry, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), to make your documents more secure and transformable.

While every Enterprise Content Management solution is unique, the core specifics of practical document management are the same. Helix International has successfully migrated hundreds of software solutions for managing enterprise content around the globe, including:

●      IBM Content Manager On Demand (CMOD)

●      IBM Image Services (IS)

●      IBM Filenet P8

●      Computer Associates CA View / Deliver SAR / Express

●      Hyland OnBase

●      BMC Control-D

●      ASG Mobius

●      And 40 more...

Not a single project has failed under our care. As an award-winning global leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solutions, Helix International has been IBM's premium partner of preference for ECM and ETL projects since 2007.

We have emerged as the industry pilot in ECM Architects dating back to 1994 and growing into a Fortune1000 company. With a comprehensive platform of modular software clients, services, and APIs for ETLs, data consolidation, structuring, and bill presentment, we are the most innovative and cost-effective one-stop firm for your data storage, security, and migration requirements guided by regulatory standards.

A Closer Look at Our Services

Over the years, Helix International's commitment to unlock and transform your data with rugged software at the convergence of documents and data is always unwavering. Here are some of the major services we render to our cherished clients:


Helix International has various options and combinations available when you want to migrate data. We have full migration, ad hoc migration, archive data, Helix RealTime Viewer (RTV) Mimic Mode partial migrations, and assisted migrations. All of these services are executed using Helix International on and offshore staff 24/7/365. Moreover, we have mix and match services that facilitate a stress-free migration without licenses through Helix International RTV and IBM RESTify.

Universal Accessibility

With a robust and intuitive system that supports global operations and usability, you can always depend on us to function smoothly everywhere. We configure your data administration to authorize access in any jurisdiction. Of course, we are in a globalized world, and that is how we operate.

Accounts Payable / Procure-to-Pay Automation

Large companies have a bunch of suppliers and vendors worldwide who send tons of invoices daily, which is impossible or expensive to process manually. However, Helix International saves such outfits time and money with Procure-to-Pay Automation, where selecting a vendor, sending the purchase order, receiving the goods and the invoice, and then making the payment is computerized. Whenever a vendor sends an invoice, whether, by email, attachment, or fax, it gets automatically read by the software, which triggers some business automation to check the following: a) is this an actual invoice? b) is this one of our vendors? c) did we really send a purchase order for this? 4) does the invoice match what we expect from the purchase order? And if all is satisfactory, it triggers to send the payment automatically. Businesses can complete vendor payments in seconds instead of days, enhance their relationship with vendors, and eliminate costly human errors.

Sales Processes

We bring a dedicated approach for sales orders to achieve management consolidation, design and deliver custom-made documents when and where you want them, ad-hoc letters or emails to the customer, and mass documents like order validation. It is uncomplicated for us to implement vigorous sales order management solutions that automate sales order processes, reduce costs, and help to grow profits.

Managed Services

At Helix International, there is three-tier Content Management support which consists of App, Hypervisor Hardware, and Workflow Levels. This approach delivers safety and security so that industries like healthcare, media, retail, insurance, and financial institutions can go to bed without worrying about their data. We remove the burden of managing data and the accompanying protection risk so industries can focus on delivering what they do best. The company offers incident support, service requests, remote 24/7 monitoring, system alarms, web sessions, Proactive Remote Administration, Capacity Management, Onsite training, extensive online documentation, telephone support, and document audits. At the same time, our Massive Archival Retrieval System (MARS) Watcher furnishes predictive analysis of incoming files for reports and scanned documents coupled with the best 24/7 support you can find.

Custom Development

We examine and establish your business needs and respond to them with a customized solution packaged to save you money to improve your business. Our global team has comprehensive experience incorporating new and old pre-existing designs with onsite staff availability. Helix International proudly announces how our conversion and data migration software and services are widely utilized in the Enterprise Resource Planning Software industry, especially software data capture, and re-purpose for numerous uses in statements presenting and reports. Our tools and technologies speed up development and terminate the necessity of rewriting end-user applications due to repository modifications utilizing RTV's RESTify APIs to redirect the end-user application to use new data repository or repositories.

Supply Chain

The transportation and logistics automation solution enables entities to capture, identify and digitize transportation documents. You can easily connect and automate data transfer between all trade management and transportation systems with unlimited configurable workflows and inherent integration capabilities. Organizations improve end-to-end visibility into complex supply chain processes and increase control over supply chain events. This mechanism reduces total freight spending and improves import/export compliance.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 is an EU regulatory guideline for data protection and privacy that comes with heft sanctions in an era of rampant data security breaches. It is jurisdiction blind so far as the data owner is an EU resident.

Stimulatingly, Helix International's operations, MARS Platform, and Managing and viewing data are all GDPR-compliant. Data management across ECM and data repositories with RTV is likewise in keeping with this legislation.

We comply with managing data access/deletion/retention regardless of the destination ECM solution(s) and various repositories employing Helix International MARS Watcher. Additionally, predicting data feeds with Helix International's Mars Watcher and finding your data and light scanning data extraction and document creation follows the EU order to the letter.

Why Helix International

Helix International can locate, collate, and integrate all your data across all data sources, including your archives.​ Meanwhile, we have a remarkable track record of converting unstructured data into a structured format while developing new documents and reports integrating data from scattered origins.​

Efficiently, we capture, store, activate, analyze, and automate business content, providing new value from unstructured and unavailable data. We are your best option to conduct federated searches to find, standardize, and crystallize your records through metadata.​

Look no further when automating large-scale updates and adaptations to all your assets, including importing, changing, or creating enterprise statutes and logic to guarantee document adherence and uniformity. Our​service is a habitat where documents and data intersect flawlessly.

The Helix approach to delivering excellent services is multifaceted in every sense. It ranges from Done-For-You, Done-With-You, or Do-It-Yourself service choices tailored to your needs.​

The icing on the cake is a highly skilled global workforce consisting of over 80 ECM devs and data engineers​, the reason why we have a 100 percent project success rate. Currently, we have over 500 enterprise ​clients to date, more than 70 active status clients, and​ above 1000 PB of migrated data.

Our Clients

We cater to Fortune500 companies as well as startups. Helix's clientele, scattered around the globe, comprises financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, healthcare, big retail, media, construction firms, manufacturing, distributors, and many more.

Helix International has supported some innovative corporations to cut expenses, simplify processes, and assume control of their business data. Highly successful brands including Anthem, Lloyd's Bank, UBS, Bank of America, Excellus, Sanlam, Region, Citibank, Prudential, Caesars, Caterpillar, Westpac, Centurion, Santandar, and hundreds more rely on our services.

These are firms with definitive demands to fulfill their high-class customers' needs worldwide, but we satisfy that without any hitches. These feats attest to our preparedness and cutting-edge technologies that have evolved over the decades.

Helix International New Website

Our new website is live with several features for the ultimate user experience. Well organized and easy to navigate, you can find solutions by program, use case, or industry.

There are new sections for Resources, Careers, Partners, and Events, which are Integrated with our CRM for better and faster customer service and satisfaction.

We now have a chatbot for prompt answers or to connect with our customer service and support teams. Check out the site-wide search, mobile optimization, and quick load speed, which is just over one second.

We Keep Improving

Helix International is rapidly expanding its products and services at an admiring rate that empowers businesses to create wealth worldwide. We recently added support for Procure-to-Pay under accounts payable automation.

We just introduced support for Universal Accessibility implementation and assurance, extended support for GDPR implementations and warranty, and released the new MARS DataMining Studio V2. It comes with Web, Windows, and Linux clients, a new modern UI, a more reflexive UX, and several new AI features for auto-detecting document types and extracting handwriting, marks, tables, and more.

Besides, the MARS tools suite has been consolidated into a single unified app for streamlined operation. But we are not delighted with all these since our clients' needs come first, hence watch out for more state-of-the-art upgrades soon.

Upcoming Events

Helix is resuming attendance of offline events around the US. Here are the confirmed schedules at the moment:

●      Enterprise Content Management event in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, on 24 August 2022.

●      Attending a workshop for IBM Content Manager OnDemand in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on 27-28 September 2022.

For more details about Helix events, visit our events page.

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