About Helix International

Helix International is an enterprise software platform and IT services organization headquartered in the US with 7 global offices, 100+ global employees, 70 active clients, and growing quickly. Helix International provides big data and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) / Content Services and migrations solutions for hundreds of companies in the finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, and media industries. Our clients are primarily Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

At the core of our offering is our MARS (Massive Archival Retrieval System) software platform, a collection of more than 70 powerful proprietary enterprise programs, APIs, and source extractors built upon decades of extensive industry experience and deep product knowledge. MARS automates and streamlines the detection, extraction, normalization, organization, transformation, and migration of hundreds of petabytes of data from across thousands of sources. By leveraging AI and ML technologies, MARS converts unstructured data into new structured documents and reports, to and from any source and destination, and to and from any format, including proprietary filetypes, print streams, and database outputs.

Helix International is Big Tech’s partner of choice for ECM, ETL, and ESB projects with more than 500 projects completed and a 100% success rate, and has been the leading enterprise data migrations solutions provider for more than 20 years.

About the Position

We are currently seeking an EMEA Regional Sales Executive who will work closely with our global sales, marketing, development, and project management teams, as well as report directly to our directors. The Sales Executive will be based in and responsible for sales in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. Candidates must have an extensive background in enterprise IT sales, particularly in selling Enterprise Content Management / Content Services and data migrations solutions, must have strong knowledge of the ECM / Content Services industry, and must have sufficient expertise with enterprise data projects to speak with client executives on a presales and technical level. Candidates must have a native or native-like professional level of fluency in English, including fluency with IT and enterprise sales terminology. Strong favor is given to multilingual candidates.

The Sales Executive is expected to travel often, meet onsite and remotely with global clients, attend, network, co-organize, and present at events, grow a wide network of partnerships, and cooperate with the marketing team to generate and close leads. The Sales Executive acts as one of the primary contacts for clients throughout the sales, presales, and project delivery process, and is primarily responsible for both landing and expanding contracts. Strong preference given to candidates with existing strong personal and professional networks in the Enterprise Content Management / Content Services industry and in our target client industries (big finance, big retail / FMCG, healthcare, construction).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Generate and close leads for Enterprise Content Management / Content Services, enterprise data migrations, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and ESB (Enterprise Serial Bus) projects. Deals may include Helix International software licensing, partner software licensing, managed services, data migration, data consolidation and federation projects, online bill presentment and account self-service solutions, and business process automation. The most frequently sold solutions are packages of our MARS platform, partner ECM / Content Services solution, and project delivery services. The average initial contract size is $300,000 and ranges from around $50,000 for our smallest contracts to $5,000,000 for our largest projects. The average duration for a migration project is 8 months

  • Fill sales quota based on the following projections:

  • 1st year: $1,800,000 quota (3 deals), minimum 50% quota filled

  • 2nd year: $2,400,000 quota (6 deals), minimum 75% quota filled

  • 3rd year: $3,000,000 quota (10 deals), 100% quota filled

  • Work closely with our marketing team to scale up lead generation

  • Work closely with our product and project teams to prioritize customer and market demands for product roadmaps, as well as guide an effective and detail-oriented presales process

  • Work closely and cooperatively with other sales team members to maximize the effectiveness of business and sales initiatives

  • Proactively find, plan, attend, and present at industry events

  • Cross-sell, upsell, and expand existing contracts, even as project delivery is underway, with a preference for selling software licensing

Must Have

  • Extensive experience and a storied background in enterprise IT sales, especially in ECM /Content Services and data migrations, with a minimum of 10 years’ experience and a proven history of closing 6- and 7-figure contracts

  • An extensive professional network of clients, partners, and solutions providers in the industry

  • Strong understanding of the ECM / Content Services industry, with detailed knowledge of competitor offerings, content management, migrations, and data federations processes, and ability to communicate and understanding technical presales and requirements details with client executives

  • Highly competent and proactive at generating new opportunities and partnerships, leading new business and sales initiatives, and staying ahead of the market with constant industry research

Good to Have

  • Strong networks in and significant working experience with top ECM / Content Services solutions providers (such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SER Group, Infosys, OpenText, etc.)

  • Strong networks in and significant working experience with top finance, retail / FMCG, healthcare, and construction firms, and other Fortune 500 companies

  • Extensive experience with frequent travel and coordinating between global teams and clients – our organization runs 24/7/365

  • Strong technical background in data science, database architecture, and API ecosystems

Required Documents

  1. CV / resume
  2. Personal bio (example: https://tinyurl.com/y8t7el4k)
  3. Professional photo (example: https://tinyurl.com/y78j9s4s)

To Apply

Please email CV and supporting materials to our HR Manager Ms. Huong at: HNguyen@Helix-Int.com

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